Random Shuffle

How online randomizer works

Random shuffle is free online tool for random order your custom list items, names, songs, text or any values you have. Enter data you want to shuffle and let our online randomizer do the job. Each text can be on a new line or you can define separator (i.e. comma, semicolon, dot, spacebar, ...). If you want to remove duplicates just use "without duplicates" option. Trim option will remove whitespace from the beggining and the end of each value.

Tool takes your list and makes reorder, scramble and shuffle. Result can be exported to Excel, CSV, Json or PHP array. Empty items are skipped. Data are not stored.

App is often use for rearrange items in array. It doesn't matter if you have Excel table, comma separated list or any other data. The tool can be used to draw lots. Upload the values you want to draw from and fill in the number of results. This way you can select random elements from your custom list.

Do you miss any feature? Please let us know in comments.

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How can I insert words to mix?

Marta P.


What is the limits of the Items to shuffle field? I would like to use it for bigger project.

Owen | 2023-02-05 19:21:47

How can I insert words to mix?

Marta P. | 2022-11-05 19:15:38