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Random Shuffle

How online randomizer works

Random shuffle is free online tool for random order your custom list items, names, songs, text or any values you have. Enter data you want to shuffle and let our online randomizer do the job. Each text can be on a new line or you can define separator (i.e. comma, semicolon, dot, spacebar, ...). If you want to remove duplicates just use "without duplicates" option. Trim option will remove whitespace from the beggining and the end of each value.

Tool takes your list and makes reorder, scramble and shuffle. Result can be exported to Excel, CSV, Json or PHP array. Empty items are skipped. Data are not stored.

App is often use for rearrange items in array. It doesn't matter if you have Excel table, comma separated list or any other data. The tool can be used to draw lots. Upload the values you want to draw from and fill in the number of results. This way you can select random elements from your custom list.

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ALL WORDS | 2023-08-29 03:54:51

Randomization services are becoming increasingly indispensable tools in numerous industries and applications. They have transformed the way we interact with randomness, from promoting fairness in online gaming to crafting captivating educational experiences. In this blog, we will explore the fascinating use cases of shuffling services and examine how they can benefit both businesses and individuals alike.

Online gaming has evolved significantly with the incorporation of random mix services to maintain fairness and unpredictability. In card games, these services ensure a truly random deck, while in board games, they generate unexpected numbers or even decide turn order in strategy games. This innovative approach to game design results in engaging and dynamic gaming experiences for players.

The music streaming industry has also embraced the power of shuffling services to provide users with a unique listening experience every time they tune in. By mixing up playlists or albums, user engagement and satisfaction are enhanced, encouraging listeners to continue using the streaming platform.

In the realm of education and eLearning, these services have proven valuable in creating dynamic learning experiences. Teachers and educators can utilize shuffling tools to mix up quiz questions, reorder flashcards, or generate innovative writing prompts. This element of surprise keeps students engaged and focused on their learning journey.

Random permutations have even found their way into event management. When assigning attendees to groups, workshops, or seating arrangements, these services ensure unbiased organization, allowing attendees to interact with a diverse group of individuals. This approach fosters a more inclusive and engaging environment at conferences, workshops, and other events.

In team management and collaboration settings, these services contribute to fairness and help prevent bias. By varying task assignments or project roles within a team, managers can create a balanced workload distribution and provide every team member with an equal opportunity to contribute and grow.

Scientific research benefits greatly from shuffling services, as they play a crucial role in designing experiments and ensuring the validity of research findings. Researchers can use these services to allocate participants to different experimental groups or conditions, reducing the risk of biases that could otherwise impact study results.

Even giveaways and contests can be elevated with the use of shuffling services. By randomly selecting winners or drawing lots for prizes, these services guarantee a fair and unbiased outcome, increasing participants' trust in the contest's integrity.

Andrew McDavid | 2023-04-20 18:14:56

What is the limits of the Items to shuffle field? I would like to use it for bigger project.

Owen | 2023-02-05 19:21:47

How can I insert words to mix?

Marta P. | 2022-11-05 19:15:38