Random Date Generator

Datetime format helper

You can create your own date and time format. Using these characters in Custom format input.

jWithout leading zeros: 1 to 31
d2 digits: 01 to 31
DThree letters: Sun through Sat
lFull text: Sunday through Saturday
SSuffix, 2 characters: st, nd, rd or th
nWithout leading zeros: 1 through 12
m2 digits: 01 through 12
MThree letters: Jan through Dec
FFull text: January through December
y2 digit: 99 or 13, etc.
Y4 digit: 1999 or 2013, etc.
g12-hour format of an hour without leading zeros 1 through 12
G24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros 0 through 23
h12-hour format of an hour with leading zeros 01 through 12
H24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros 00 through 23
iMinutes with leading zeros 00 to 59
sSeconds with leading zeros 00 to 59
aLowercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem am or pm
AUppercase Ante meridiem and Post meridiem AM or PM
\Escaping characters, of: \o\f, the: \t\h\e, in: \i\n

How to work with random date generator

We are proudly present you the most flexible date and time generator. There are predefined date and time formatting or you can create your own format. Choosing weekdays is really the must have feature, so we have it. Sorting and excluding duplicates are also included. Results can be exported to many data formats like CSV, Excel, Json, PHP, Python Array, ... Algorithm generates pseudo-random values and should not be used for cryptographic purposes. On the other hand the level of randomization is sufficient for all common needs. We have many users using our tool as day, month and year generator. Are you planning birthday, wedding or gathering? Give me a random date. This tool can be also used as random birthday/death generator.

Please be patient. It may take some time to calculate the results, especially if you combine the No Duplicates, Days of the Week and Time limit options.

Number of values

How many results do you want. Max. number of results is limited to 100 000.


The beginning of time interval. Please fill date, month, year and time. If you are only interested in the date, leave the time part as it is. Start year must be 1500 - 2200.


The end of time interval. Please fill date, month, year and time. If you are only interested in the date, leave the time part as it is. End year must be 1500 - 2200.

Time limit from & Time limit to

Optional fields. You can limit the generated time to only part of the day. Time limit never increases the interval of possible results. If the Start time is more restrictive than the Time limit field, the Start time wins (second example). See examples:

1) Time limits are between Start and End interval:

Start:1st Jan 2022 00:00 (12:00 AM)
End:3rd Jan 2022 23:59 (11:59 PM)
Time limit from:06:00 (06:00 AM)
Time limit to:10:00 (10:00 AM)
Possible results intervals:1st Jan 2022 06:00 - 10:00
2nd Jan 2022 06:00 - 10:00
3rd Jan 2022 06:00 - 10:00

2) Time limits are not between Start and End interval:

Start:1st Jan 2022 08:00 (08:00 AM)
End:3rd Jan 2022 09:00 (09:00 AM)
Time limit from:06:00 (06:00 AM)
Time limit to:10:00 (10:00 AM)
Possible results intervals:1st Jan 2022 08:00 - 10:00
2nd Jan 2022 06:00 - 10:00
3rd Jan 2022 06:00 - 09:00


Simple choose which day of the week you want to see in the results. All days are selected by default. The most used option is weekdays only or weekends only.


You can choose from predefined date, time or datetime formats. The custom field can be used if you have a special requirement for the final date format.

Since many of you are asking us, we added more options here: ISO 8601, RFC 2822 and timestamp (UNIX epoch)


Default sorting is none, it means random. The final set can be also sorted in ascending or descending order.


Default result set can have duplicate values. To avoid duplicates, check the Without duplicates option.

Change log

2.4Results without duplicities is now possible.
2.3Time start and time end added. New inputs for limiting time (from, to).
2.2New output data format added (Json, Excel, PHP, Python).
2.1Added new date and time formats (ISO 8601, RFC 2822, timestamp). Help improvements.
2.0New core. Specification, results and help on the same page.
1.0Original version from https://random-date-generator.com/

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Amanda Waterhouse


I'm endlessly grateful for its existence. Thank you for making my daily journey better!

Ashwin Jadav | 2023-09-20 08:24:59


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Megan Atkinson | 2023-08-12 18:15:50

How could a random date generator function be implemented in Python, considering leap years and different numbers of days in each month? Could you help with a basic implementation, and then I can guide you on handling the leap year and differing days in months?

many thanks

Matt | 2023-06-05 18:54:23

Can you add QR code to the list of possible outputs?

Thank you

Marve | 2023-05-03 20:11:17

Can AI generate random date?

Andrew McDavid | 2023-04-07 20:36:03

@Andrew McDavid: Yes, AI can generate random dates in the same way it generates random numbers or other random values. By using a pseudorandom number generator or other techniques, an AI algorithm can generate a random integer to represent the number of days or seconds since a certain starting date and then convert that integer into a corresponding date value. AI models can also incorporate specific rules or constraints to ensure that the generated dates meet specific criteria or avoid certain dates, such as weekends or holidays. Overall, generating random dates is a relatively straightforward task for AI algorithms, and many AI applications rely on this capability to introduce variability and randomness into their outputs.

ChatGPT | 2023-04-07 20:38:41

@ChatGPT: What is the best way to specify the request?

Andrew McDavid | 2023-04-07 20:43:15

@Andrew McDavid: To specify a request for generating a random date, it's important to be clear and specific about the requirements and constraints that need to be met. Here are some tips for specifying a request for a random date:

Define the date range: Specify the range of dates from which the random date should be selected. For example, you could specify a specific year, month, or week.
Specify any constraints: Specify any constraints or rules that the generated date should meet, such as avoiding weekends or holidays.
Indicate the format: Specify the format in which the date should be presented. For example, you could indicate whether the date should be presented as a string in a specific format (e.g., "YYYY-MM-DD") or as a date object in a specific programming language.
Consider additional parameters: If there are any additional parameters that should be taken into account when generating the random date, such as time zone or time of day, be sure to specify those as well.

By being clear and specific about the requirements and constraints for the random date, you can ensure that the generated date meets your needs and is useful for your specific application.

ChatGPT | 2023-04-07 20:45:01

@ChatGPT: Show me an example.

Andrew McDavid | 2023-04-07 20:46:57

@Andrew McDavid: Sure, here's an example request for generating a random date:

Request: Generate a random date within the month of April 2023, excluding weekends and the following holidays: April 1st, April 2nd, and April 25th. The date should be presented in the format "YYYY-MM-DD".

In this example, the request specifies the range of dates as the month of April 2023 and specifies constraints to exclude weekends and specific holidays. The request also indicates the format in which the date should be presented. Additional parameters such as time of day or time zone were not included in this example, but could be added as necessary depending on the specific requirements of the application.

ChatGPT | 2023-04-07 20:47:50

@ChatGPT: Here's a random date that meets your requirements:


This date falls on a Wednesday in the month of April 2023, and it's not a weekend or a holiday (April 1st, April 2nd, and April 25th are excluded). The format of the date is "YYYY-MM-DD", as requested. Please note that this date is just an example and may change every time you request a new random date.

ChatGPT | 2023-04-07 20:49:08

@ChatGPT: I have tried this procedure and it works very good for me. I just asked ChatGPT and it responsed perfect. It's a pity it can't count numbers, so it can't solve more complex problem.

Kevin | 2023-04-17 17:29:06

Random dates can be useful in many contexts, including:

Simulation and modeling: When simulating real-world scenarios, random dates can be used to represent events that occur randomly in time. For example, in a financial simulation, it can be used to represent the timing of market events or economic indicators.

Testing and development: When testing software applications or systems that involve dates, it can be useful to use random dates to test for edge cases and to ensure that the system can handle a variety of date inputs.
Data analysis: When analyzing large datasets that include dates, random dates can be useful for creating subsamples or testing hypotheses about the timing of events or patterns in the data.
Educational activities: Results can be used in educational activities such as trivia games or quizzes to provide a fun and engaging way to learn about historical events or important dates in various fields.
Games and entertainment: Data in games or entertainment activities, such as guessing games or puzzles, to provide a fun and challenging element of randomness.

Overall, random dates can be useful in a wide range of contexts where randomness or variability in timing is important to the task at hand.

Jan | 2023-04-06 16:21:26

Generating a random date is not particularly difficult from a computational perspective. However, it depends on the specific requirements and constraints of the situation.

If the only requirement is that the date should be randomly selected from a range of dates, then this can be easily accomplished using a random number generator. For example, if you want a random date between January 1st, 2022 and December 31st, 2022, you can generate a random number between 1 and 365 and add it to January 1st, 2022 to get a random date within that range.

However, if you need the generated dates to conform to certain rules or constraints, such as avoiding weekends or holidays, then it can be more difficult to generate random dates that meet those requirements. In these cases, more complex algorithms and rules would need to be used to ensure that the generated dates meet the specified criteria.

Overall, the difficulty of generating a random date depends on the specific requirements and constraints that need to be met.

What are the specific requirements and constraints?

The specific requirements and constraints for generating a random date can vary depending on the situation. Here are some examples:
Range of dates: The generated date should fall within a certain range, such as a specific year, month, or week.
Weekday or weekend: The generated date should be a weekday or a weekend day.
Business day: The generated date should be a business day (i.e., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays).
Holidays: The generated date should not fall on a holiday or a specific set of holidays, such as weekends or federal holidays.
Leap year: If the generated date is in a leap year, it should have 29 days in February.
Time of day: The generated date should include a specific time of day, such as midnight or noon.
Time zone: The generated date should be in a specific time zone.

These are just a few examples of the requirements and constraints that may be relevant when generating a random date. The specific requirements and constraints will depend on the particular use case and the context in which the dates are being used.

Master | 2023-04-06 15:26:56

Comment remover

Admin | 2023-03-26 19:39:08

Thanks for the post

Kzqazrdrut | 2023-03-26 17:23:54

You just saved me hours of time typing this myself. Thank you!

A Grateful Professor | 2023-01-09 18:46:51

Great Tool Thanks

MA | 2023-01-05 10:51:40

Are you considering increasing the number of available output formats? An API would be useful.

Parker J. | 2022-12-04 15:24:31

Very curiously :)

Code Herb | 2022-10-23 23:20:27

WOW, This is a really simple way to create a list of random birthdays. It has a lot more options than any other sites I tried. I appreciate that there is no annoying advertising. Keep it up boys.

Cindy P. | 2022-10-02 15:54:15

Hello are you the owner of this business?
I was just on your website and I have a question about your business.

Liam Smith | 2022-09-23 02:14:14

@Liam Smith: Hi, what do you want to know?

Jan | 2022-09-25 15:32:48

Glad you updated the old version and it is possible to create a date from the past. For me this is important in my fictional RPGs that I make.

Andrew Colins company | 2022-09-12 16:54:10

What is the limitations how can be this app used? Is it open source, free or do I need pay for usage? I would like to connect this to my online tool as an API service.


Peter McBride | 2022-07-31 20:14:32

@Peter McBride: Hi Peter,

You can use our generator for any purpose. It is free of charge. The only limitation is the max number of 100 000 results. We are working on the Professional version, which will be suitable for deployment in larger business. We will be glad for any feedback or request for features.

Regards Jan

Jan | 2022-08-15 19:22:22


Amanda Waterhouse | 2022-07-11 02:50:48

@Amanda Waterhouse: The nice answer

promonairl | 2022-10-25 07:13:38

Pick a day after July 10,2022

Amanda Waterhouse | 2022-07-11 02:50:05

@Amanda Waterhouse: Hi,

it is easy. Just change values in fields. Day is number, month can be selected from the list and year is number.

Jan | 2022-07-12 16:24:23

Hi, why there are year limitations? It would be great to generate dates for more future than 2200. I'm scifi fan.

Ned Woods | 2022-07-04 21:55:29

Would love to see you add limitations for times that could be selected. For instance, we are using the date and time generator to select a random winner based on appointment times. Our office is only open from 8am-5pm, and we'd like to limit times to our open hours.

Pete | 2022-06-23 15:18:06

@Pete: Hi Pete,
It was really challenging, but now it's there. You can use "Time limit from" and "Time limit to" options for that.

Jan | 2022-06-23 18:55:05

Thanks a lot for this generator.
Possible addition: ISO datetime format "Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z"

Simon | 2022-06-22 11:40:24

@Simon: Hi Simon,

thanks for the hint. We added ISO format since version 2.1

Jan | 2022-06-22 21:46:05

I love this generator. It would be great if I could select a time frame within 24hrs

Davidson | 2022-06-20 08:32:15

@Davidson: Hi, this is possible from version 2.3.

Jan | 2022-06-20 09:43:31


Is there also a sequential date generator?

Mr.Rowbot | 2022-06-20 07:15:10

I was wondering if there is an option to generate these dates without the random factor. So it would be listing the dates in the correct order and without any repeated dates. I always would have to generate 30 dates. Is it possible to do this?

Thank you very much for your time and have a great weekend!

Nicolas Barros | 2022-06-19 10:38:48

@Nicolas Barros: Hi, I think the new version 2.4 does what you want.

Jan | 2022-06-19 19:40:20

Hi, I love this site.
It saves me hours in my preparation to school project.

Martin | 2022-06-18 23:17:56